Still from the film "A Quiet Resistance". Two-shot. Calm colors. Cozy breakfast. Two elderly ladies wearing sweaters, sitting at home, sandwiches with jam on the table. Chatting, looking at each other.

A Quiet Resistance

Original Title: Im Stillen Laut
Director: Therese Koppe
Germany, 2019, 74 minutes, documentary
The film is available online, for free, during the period of September 23 - October 7. It is screened in the original language with Ukrainian subtitles (SDH). English subtitles are available for this film.

“The main question is: Why do I want to be free? What needs to be different?” Erika and Christine have been a couple for more than 40 years. Today, at the age of 81, they look back on living through a turbulent time in history. “A Quiet Resistance” is a film about love and aging, autonomy, art and collectivity in freely created art spaces within the GDR. The film does not hang onto questions of the past, but rather looks with Erika and Christine into the future: What role can art play in politically demanding times? How can they stay true to themselves, their art and their ideals? What meaning can art create, for all and everyone?

Film screening dates: 23.09.2021 — 7.10.2021
Photo of the director of the film "A Quiet Resistance"
Therese Koppe was born in Berlin (East) in 1985. She works as a film director and author for documentary forms in Berlin. In 2020 she graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf in Directing Documentary. A Quiet Resistance is her graduation project and premiered in the German competition of DOK Leipzig 2020, won the audience award at Duisburger Film Week and has been screened at Kassel Dokfest, International Women Film Festival Cologne, Florence Queer Film festival among others.

While working as a film director, Therese is a lecturer in Documentary Theory and Practice, last at London Southbank University (2018-2019) and the educational programme Cinema en Curs (2019-2020) where she worked on a short documentary with pupils. Therese is currently working on her second cinema feature documentary “Haunting Heimat”, a portrait of two Namibian women and their perspective on the German colonial heritage. For her research she received the Crossing Borders research grant by Literarisches Colloquium Berlin and Robert Bosch Foundation in 2019.

Selected Filmography: Haunting Heimat (in production), A Quiet Resistance (Im Stillen laut, 2019), Mr. and Mrs. Dettmann (Herr und Frau Dettmann, 2018), All Points North (2013)
Selected Filmography: Haunting Heimat (in production), A Quiet Resistance (2019), Mr. and Mrs. Dettmann (2018), All Points North (2013)