Still from the film "The Two Faces of Condition". Full shot. Blue-violet color scheme. Human wearing a long colorful robe with big paper eyes is sitting in the middle of a circle of candles. Smoke, fluorescent lamps.

The Two Faces of Condition

Original Title: Cele două fețe ale condiției
Director: Mihaela Drăgan
Part of “Resistance is a Girl who Changes the World” series
Performed by Raisa Mihai
Romania, 2021, 8 minutes, experimental
The film is available online, for free, during the period of September 23 - October 7. It is screened in the original language with Ukrainian subtitles (SDH). English subtitles are available for this film.

Resistance is a Girl who Changes the World - a video monologue series, as part of the cultural international project Stories of Girls’ Resistance.​ The ​series showcases the inspirational, complex, and unfiltered stories of the girls that fight back and imagine better worlds for them and the societies in which they live. These stories are brought to life through video art, music, theatre, poetry, and other forms of creative documentation. ​These 3 (of 11 in total) video monologues​ are produced by the Giuvlipen theatre and performed by Roma artists.

This is the fifth episode of the video monologues series "Resistance is a Girl Who Changes the World", based on the story of Yumzhana from Buryatia. Yumzhana is a student at the International University of Mongolia, studying fashion design.She paints, she launched her brand of clothing 2 years ago and she is an eco-activist. Her story is one where feminism, spirituality, buryatian culture, art and ecology intertwine and take the shape of a fabric ready to be painted as a sign of cultural resistance.

“The tourists that come to Buryatia see only a small part of our culture and they fetishize it. Everyone who travels here wants to sleep in the yurt, the tents where Mongolian nomads used to sleep. For us, this is something common, but for tourists, this is something exotic. It’s the same with art. Subjects related to ethnicity are very popular. Foreigners usually buy these paintings not because they’re interested in the culture, but because they look exotic. And that’s not okay.
Our culture means much more than these things and I want my art to have access to public institutions in order to destabilize the domination. For me, my art and feminism are, to a certain extent, one and the same.”

Film screening dates: 23.09.2021 — 7.10.2021
Photo of the director Mihaela Drăgan
Mihaela Drăgan is a multidisciplinary artist with an education in theatre who lives in Bucharest and works in several other countries. In 2014, she founds Giuvlipen Theatre Company, for which she is an actress and playwright, together with other Roma actresses. Mihaela is also a trainer for Theatre of the Oppressed method, and she works with Roma women on their specific issues in Romania.

She was finalist for the 2017 Gilder/Coigney International Theatre Award from New York, and in 2020 she was nominated again, and she is the recipient of the Special Award of the League. In 2018, Drăgan was a resident artist in Hong Kong at Para Site Contemporary Art Centre. Her performance “Roma Futurism” has been showcased in multiple art spaces such as: the Museum of Contemporary Art from Belgrade; FutuRoma – the collateral exhibition at Venice Biennale; the Critical Romani Studies conference at Central European University in Budapest and the Romanian Cultural Institute in London. In the same year she was acknowledged by PEN World Voices International Play Festival 2018 in New York as one of the ten most respected dramatists of the world.

In 2021 she exhibited her first video installation “Future is a safe place hidden in my braids” divided into 3 short films that depict futuristic rituals for healing transgenerational trauma of Roma people and project a safe future for the community.
Photo of the artist Raisa Mihai
Raisa Mihai is a singer and actress, who graduated from the Bucharest National Music University, Classical Guitar section. She is a member of the ARTissimo Guitar Duo. She made her film debut at the age of nine: she starred in the movie “HO HO HO” and went on to star in the German production Nelly's adventures, À Bras Ouverts, a French production or in the short film “Written / Un-Written”. Her theater debut came in the theater company Giuvlipen in Gadjo Dildo. In 2019 she worked on the show “American Gypsy” directed by Mihai Lukács.