migration as a result of military conflict

The films are arranged in a sequence that forms a single meta-story, from the loss of home, via a journey across borders, to eventual return. We advise you to follow this path along with the protagonists, but you can watch the films in any order.
All films are available online for free without registration during the period of November 24 — December 9, without geographical limitation
All films are screened in the original language with Ukrainian subtitles (SDH) and English subtitles. Audio description in Ukrainian is available for the films 'Remember the Smell of Mariupol', 'Purple Sea', and 'Turtle's Rage'.
Still from the film "Remember the Smell of Mariupol"
Remember the smell of Mariupol
Director: Zoya Laktionova
Ukraine, Austria, 2022, 5 minutes, documentary/experimental
Full-scale war and forced evacuation force the director to find herself between two worlds: in one, the city of her childhood and people are destroyed, in the other, nothing happens, but any landscapes begin to resemble home.
My favorite job, 2022
Director: Sashko Protyah
Ukraine, 2022, 31 minutes, documentary
The film tells a story of volunteers evacuating people from Mariupol, besieged by russian troops, to Zaporizhzhia in the spring of 2022.
Кадр з фільму "Кінохроніка 63 – Потяг тіней"
Newsreel 63 – The Train of Shadows
Director: Nika Autor (Newsreel Front)
Slovenia, 2017, 39 minutes, experimental
Newsreel 63 tries to position and understand a particular image – a shred of video taken with a mobile phone on the once famous Belgrade - Ljubljana rail-line, where refugees now travel not in couchettes but between the train’s wheels.
Кадр з фільму "Пурпурове море"
Purple Sea
Directors: Amel Alzakout, Khaled Abdulwahed
Germany, 2020, 67 minutes, documentary/experimental
I lie on my back, under the surface of the water. The sea is purple. I feel the warmth with every pore of my body. I’m not afraid anymore
Кадр з фільму «Краєвид жаху»
The Landscape of Fear
Director: Kasia Hertz
Poland, 2022, 35 minutes, documentary
The film tries to convey a memory of the events on the Polish-Belarusian border during the humanitarian crisis from the point of view of activists and local residents involved in helping people fleeing through the forest to the European Union.
Кадр з фільму "Я перепливла Інгурі"
I Swam Enguri
Director: Anuna Bukia
Georgia, 2017, 62 minutes, documentary
A young woman decides to find her house that she has been deprived of at the age of 4 due to the war. The only chance to get to the occupied area is to cross the border secretly.
Кадр з фільму "Лють черепахи"
The Turtle’s Rage
Director: Pary El-Qalqili
Germany, 2012, 70 minutes, documentary
A tragicomedy that tells the trauma of displacement through the confrontation between father and daughter.
Кадр з фільму "Провулок Центральної телефонної станції, 5"
5 Exchange Lane
Director: Anirban Dutta
India, 2010, 20 minutes, documentary
With the onset of armed militancy in the valley of Kashmir in 1990, about 350,000 to 400,000 Kashmiri Pandits were forcibly pushed out of the valley. Kirti’s family was also compelled to leave their home in 1990. She was 20 at that time.